Hydrating mist/ Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrating Mist/Tonic/Hyaluronic Acid

Hydrating Mist

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Descriptions: This Mist hydrates, energizes, and refreshes the skin. Made with a mix of high and low-weighted hyaluronic acid molecules that work comprehensively on skin hydration. Powerful botanical extracts work to hydrate, refresh, and plump the skin.

Instructions: Spray over the skin after cleansing and allow the nutrients to absorb fully. Also great to use any time of the day for a quick refresher.

Ingredients: Rosewater, aloe vera juice, sea buckthorn extract, cucumber extract, cinnamon leaf oil, hyaluronic acid, rosemary oil, grapefruit oil, orange oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon bark oil. 

Size: 50 ml.

Free from alcohol and common irritants, it makes the perfect alternative to Toners for sensitive and reactive skin.


Key Ingredients:

Cucumber - fresh, hydrating, helps skin maintain elasticity, soothing, healing, great after sun spray too.

Rose - beautiful scent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, very moisturizing, full of vitamins and minerals.

Sea Buckthorn – a powerful antioxidant, restores skin, smooths wrinkles, and improves acne condition.

Hyaluronic acid – works on deep hydration by retaining water in the skin. Low molecular weight form penetrates deep into the epidermis and retains water in its lower layers. The high-molecular form forms a protective film on the surface that prevents moisture evaporation.