How Ellbe Skincare got started

 Ella Lebedinsky’s own skin is her greatest success story. About twelve years ago, Ella, whose skin wasn’t faring well in Canada’s cold and dry climate, went shopping for skincare products. What she found shocked her.

“Some things are so harmful. Some ingredients are used in the U.S. but are forbidden in Europe,” she said.

As a former chemist with a decade of experience (in pharma and clinical studies), Ella decided she could make something better. Her first product, the All Purpose Balm, did wonders not only for her cracked hands, but her skin in general.

“I thought, ‘If it helps me, it can help so many people.’ That’s what motivated me,” she said.

After years of research and self-experimentation, Ella’s skincare line was released to the world in 2020.

Ella’s Experience

Ella started her career as an organic chemist. She also has experience in analytical research and development, quality assurance and clinical research. But throughout all this, she missed hands-on work in her own lab.

“I wanted to be involved, to create my own products”.

Today, she creates her products from scratch in her home-based lab.

About Ellbe Skincare

Ellbe Skincare is founded on three guiding principles:

  • Use good ingredients,
  • Ensure products are affordable,
  • Never harm the environment.

Ellbe’s line of products, which ranges from balms and exfoliators to dry shampoo and soaps, are all-natural and organic/fair trade whenever possible.

All raw materials have supplier quality certificates, ensuring they’re safe for cosmetic use.

When creating her skincare line, price was an important consideration as she quickly found that high-quality products cost more than many were able to afford. Commercial products with similar ingredients are often double or triple the price of Ellbe's.

Ellbe’s strives to care for the planet just as much as it cares for your skin. All skincare products are eco-friendly, including their packaging, which is made from recyclable materials like paper and aluminium. Ellbe’s focus is on creating zero-waste products with no unnecessary packaging.

“I also have a child,” Ella says. “I’m trying to teach him to take care of our earth and think about future generations and the place we’re leaving behind.”

More than anything, Ellbe Skincare is a labour of love.