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Gua Sha Tools

Gua Sha Tools

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Gua Sha Tools

DescriptionGua Sha is a natural therapy that helps to diminish stress, fatigue, and exhaustion and is great for the relaxation of the whole body. Gua sha massage tool is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Using Gua sha tools can stimulate the immune system, activate sweat glands, and excrete toxic waste. Gua sha can improve circulation; improve lymph drainage; improve skin vitality and maintain beauty; increase absorption of skincare products; increase collagen and elastin production; oxygenate the skin; reduce puffiness; relax facial tension.

InstructionsApply gently with your favorite skin care oil, serum, or cream, use a light to medium pressure, and scrape in an upward and outward direction on both face and body. The gua sha scraping massage tool itself is easy to store and travel with. 





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