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DIY Soap Kit for kids
Soap DIY Kit

DIY Soap Kit

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DIY - a soap-making kit perfect for kids and adults. Great for playdates, parent-child(ren) time, and birthday party activities. 

The kits, which come with molds and 600 grams of soap, are easy-to-use and customizable. Kids can add different colors and dry flowers to make high-quality, long-lasting soap. An extra bonus for parents who struggle with hand washing and bath time: kids love using things they made themselves.

 The kit includes: 

  • 300 g white Melt & Pour Base
  • 300 g clear Melt & Pour Base
  • 1 bottle of dried flowers, such as red rose petals and Lavender
  • 1 bag of colorful soap chips
  • 4 silicone soap molds (variety of shapes and sizes) 
  • 2 bamboo mixing spoons
  • 1 plastic beaker 
  • 3 pigments for water-based soaps (in primary colors)
  • 1 fragrance oil
  • step by step instructions 

While the kit contains everything you need to make enough soap for two people, you can also order extras like more dried flowers, fragrance oils, molds, soap, or pigments.